Changing your home is for sure an exciting moment of your life. Whether you are starting to study at a university or taking things to the next level with your loved one, or perhaps you’ve finally bought your dream house. Whatever the reason, we are sure that you are filled with excitement about moving into the new place that you’ll call home.  

This excitement can quickly turn into worry when you think about how much stuff you actually have and how many things you’ll have to transport from your old place to the new one. The longer you lived in one apartment, the more things you have in it. Over the years, belonging just keep on piling, and you don’t even realise how much stuff you have until the moving day comes.

But don’t worry! With the right organisation and structure, you can take care of everything and make it a fun house removal experience! We’ve selected some important insights on what to be careful of when packing for your new home. Let’s dive in!

First of all, pack smart

packing service in suitcases during house removals

It’s important to make sure all boxes will be well-distributed and that any belongings will be accordingly packed. You’ll need to separate clothes, silverware, wrapped items larger and smaller, breakables, etc. Don’t forget that all of them have to be labelled because it will be a lot easier for everything – you’ll know which boxes are heavier than others, you’ll know what rooms to put the boxes in your new home and where to start unpacking from. 

Additionally, you can save extra space by vacuuming your packed clothes and keeping the clothes on their hangers. Don’t forget to use any suitcases and laundry baskets or big bags – fill them with more of your stuff and make use of them.

Furthermore, when you are transporting your appliances, you’ll have to also think about the cables and connecting items that get loose. You’ll have to pack smartly and make sure everything is not tangled; instead – all parts of the appliances are taped to them and ready to be assembled in your new home.


Have your documents in a folder

This is particularly important for any homeowner or tenant. Keeping all of your essential documents in one place will be helpful for many reasons. There are many documents that are crucial, and you cannot replace them, so losing them will be tragic. If you have them spread around the house, it will be almost impossible to collect them in case of an emergency. And now, when you are moving to your new home, we strongly advise you to have your insurance and all other important documents in one folder that is not left aside in a box but a folder that you will personally transport and keep in a safe place in your new location. And while at it, you can also double-check if all documents are neat!

Pack an overnight bag with the essentials


And speaking of what you should be carrying with you on moving day, our next piece of advice is to pack a bag for one or two nights that will get you through the first days of moving in. With so many boxes all around your new home, it will be almost impossible to get what you need. So pack your essentials – toothbrush, underwear, clothes and pyjamas, make-up removal products, glasses, phone chargers, and anything else you can think of. This way, you will have everything nearby while you take care of the unpacking process. Sometimes, you might not even believe it, but it can take a lot more time than packing. So, it’s always best to be prepared!

Pack the instruments in a specific box and keep it nearby


Another important part of the process is packing the instruments – screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc. You will need to pack them almost last as you’ll use them to dissemble your current appliances. At the same time, you’ll have to use them first, so they’ll be unpacked at the beginning. Keep them nearby and in a labelled box that you keep track of because once you start assembling your furniture and appliances, these are the essentials you cannot do it without! 


Have a plan and stick to it

organised packing in boxes before a removal service

Any tips and tricks you have read about or learned about moving out and packing will have to turn into a plan. Being organised during this time can be your key to stress-free packing and moving out. Make sure you have a checklist of everything that you need to do and of all the boxes and where you put them. This will ease the whole process!


We also want to remind you that packing can be a heavy task that overwhelms the whole family.  If you think this will be too much for you and you won’t be able to take care of everything, you can always rely on professional packing services. Experts will come on-site with all the needed boxes, tapes, labels, wraps, etc. They will do everything for you, and you won’t have to worry about a thing! You’ll have to only think about the transportation and the unpacking of your belongings. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home and completely relax with no worries!