Choosing the right moving services for your needs can sometimes be challenging. There are many reasons why one company will be better than another, and the differences between them will make it harder for you to choose. One company will give you better insurance, another will offer better prices, and so on, and so on. That’s why it’s essential for you to ask some basic but really important questions before you take the final decision of choosing one moving company for your moving day. 

Let’s say you’ve already picked out a few companies that stand out with great services and prices. Here is what you need to ask them in advance so that you’ll be sure there will be no surprises in the end.


The most common questions before ordering house removals service:

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1. Are there any hidden fees regarding the moving service?

First of all, often house removal companies offer a quote for your specific needs, and what you need to do is ask them if that quote consists of extra services or if it lacks all services that will apply. This way, you will ensure knowing in advance if you can expect extra charges at the end of the moving day. These might be services such as – extra items, overloaded vans, moving hours extended more than expected, packing or assembling/dissembling appliances, etc. Ask your company of choice if you should expect extra fees or if everything is already included in the quote you receive. 

2. Are there items that the removals company won’t take?


If you have some unusual items or items that you are not sure the house removal company in Surbiton will transport, make sure you take the time to ask them specifically if there are pieces they won’t transport. This question is really important as you need to know in advance if there are things you’ll have to take care of on your own. 

This is not a common practice, but some items companies can’t or won’t move due to health and safety regulations. Such items may include acids, flammable things or corrosives. So, make sure you always ask your removal company if there are items that they won’t transport for you.

3. What does your quote include for the removals process?

Moving services can be vast, as many companies offer additional help, which can also vary when presenting the final quote. What does that mean? Well, it means some companies, for example, offer packaging services for your belongings, and they also include the price of boxes in the quote, while others will choose to add this as an extra fee. Furthermore, some people offer different kinds of additional services – assembling and dissembling appliances, packing, clearance, heavy objects removal, and more! When checking your quote, make sure to see especially how everything is described and if extra services will be needed.

Don’t forget to ask about the permits, parking fees, fuel, late-hour charges, heavy items, or anything that can be added to the bill at the end.

4.What does removals company insurance cover?

Another really important question you need to ask your removal company is about the insurance your belongings will have. Different companies provide different kinds of insurance that have a variety of coverage. This means you specifically have to ask about what items are insured, in which cases the insurance applies, etc. All those questions will help you understand better what the risks are about your items and what you’ll get for them in case of an incident. Ensure you’re transparent and upfront about what you want to transport if you want to be sure it will be protected.

5. What is the removals cancellation policy?

If we need to be honest, life often presents us with unexpected situations and surprises that may or may not interfere with our plans. No matter what the reason is, if you need to cancel your house removal services, you should be prepared about the policy of the company you chose. There may be some charges, and it is up to the time you cancel – is it last-minute or upfront? Whatever the case, make sure you know what is going to happen if you need to cancel and find another solution to your moving needs.

6. What is needed on your end?

This is something also very important that you need to be clear about before moving day. In case you booked your removal house company for full services and they will take care of the packing, securing, loading, transporting, unloading, assembling, etc., then probably what you need to do is make sure you chose the right company as nothing is up to you. They will do it for you! 

But in case you didn’t book them for all services above, you will probably have to prepare the packing yourself, making sure the furniture is well wrapped, the breakables are well-secured, and appliances are disassembled correctly. You will have to be responsible about providing access to your apartment or house – if ladders are needed, or machines to get higher accessibility to most of the furniture. 

Whatever the case, discuss it with your house removal company so that both you and their workers are prepared for moving day. 

7.To sum up the moving services tips:

house removals lorry on the way

Moving from one location to another in London can be challenging and comes with a lot of responsibilities. That’s why it is important to choose the right house removal company to assist you on this day. Ask the right questions, do your homework with research, and then leave the rest to them – if they are good, you’ll be all set to go with no problems!