If you have previously changed homes and you got the keys to your new apartment, then you know how many emotions follow this event. It’s a challenge that comes with many obstacles and hides some dares. If you haven’t yet had to move and this is your first time, it’s best if we prepare you that things don’t always go as planned. Or at least not when you skip booking a removal company! But we’ll get to that.

Before all, you might ask yourself: What are those challenges? You left the notice for moving out of your tenancy, and you already have the keys to your new home. What can go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot of things. The truth is, you never really know how many things you actually have until it’s time to pack them all and transport them! Trust us, we’ve seen so many customers that feel out of the blue surprised to see their one-bedroom apartment items can’t fit one van. It’s usually because you don’t think about all the bed sheets, all the boots and shoes, all the kitchen supplies and appliances, and so on and so on.

And let’s say you managed to pack it all. Then, you need to think about how to actually transport it. There are a few options – you can try doing it yourself if you have a car or a minivan; you can ask a friend that has a vehicle, or you can turn to a removal company that provides such professional services. 


General tips of using a removal company

The first option means having to make a few runs back and forth because there is no way you can fit all of your things in a car.  The second option would mean looking for a friend that has a van in preference and the time and desire to do all of that for you. If that’s the case, you are a lucky one!

And then, there is the third option, and probably the best one, that we will now go over to see all the benefits of choosing a removal company for transporting all your belongings when moving out.

#1 Professionalism and safety during the moving process

man handle a package boxes during a professional removal service

First of all, we’d like to take the time to highlight that professional removal companies provide their services with experts leading the way. This means you’ll be leaving your most valuable belongings to people that know how to secure them in a vehicle for an unproblematic logistic matter. Trusting the professionals to do the job means trusting the experience they have behind them and the expertise they have in handling different objects – heavy, oversized, or breakable. But mostly, trusting the proficiency, they work with. When you choose a house removal company, you will get a team that is flexible and knows how to make the right plan for action so that your belongings are transported on moving-out day.

Not only that but trusting your belongings to a professional house removal company also means trusting them to be safe. Experts know how to securely transport any items from one location to another and keep them in one piece without a scratch. That’s definitely a benefit to think about!  

#2 Stress-free experience for your move belongings

There are other more important benefits of choosing a removal company for the job, but if we have to focus on how you will benefit from it, we cannot miss the fact that it is a stress-free experience. At the beginning of this article, we stated that moving out often comes with challenges, and one way to avoid them is by trusting professional services. By leaving all to the team that comes on-site, you will be left with enough time to deal with other important tasks you have, as end of tenancy clean and you will get enough time to focus on the actual moving into a new place and what else is left to be done. And also, you won’t have to leave through the stress of having to deal with the transportation yourself.


We also have to mention that no lifting or carrying is an additional benefit here. Not only it won’t be stressful for you, but you also won’t have to lift a finger to do anything! The team of experts will do everything for you on moving day, and that’s a great benefit, isn’t it?

#3 A guarantee and insurance for your removal belogings

That’s one of the best advantages you can benefit from when choosing a removal company. Especially if you need office removal and you have plenty of technical equipment that you are worried about safely transporting. And even if it is for your home belongings, still, insurance goes a long way. You don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with the additional insurance and guarantee that the company provides.


#4 Additional removals services available

packing service by a professional mover

And last but not least, if you choose a company to deal with your house removal needs, you can also use that company for additional removals services, such as packing or house clearance. Usually, people tend to trust the packing service and prefer to add it to the expenses because having a team of experts pack well-organised all of your things is a saver! Everything will be well-secured with the right wrapping material; everything will be labelled, correctly positioned, and transported. These, of course, are additional and extra services, but we had to mention them as they also bring lots of benefits and ease the whole process.

Still not convinced hiring a professional removal company?

Why don’t you give us a call, and we can discuss any worries you may have or any additional special requirements that you are not sure we can meet? Once we go over the details, we are more than sure that you’ll make up your mind pretty fast!